Sonnema 1860

Selling out all bottles during presale.

Selling out all bottles during presale.

In 2020, Sonnema Berenburg celebrated its 160th anniversary. 160 years of rich history. 160 years of distinctiveness. To celebrate, this Frisian family business introduced a special edition: the Sonnema 1860. But how do you make sure everyone gets a taste of this eccentric drink?

In the run-up to the official launch, we let interested parties register on the website so they could be the first to hear it when the unique bottles were ready for purchase.

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We used WooCommerce to realize the shop. Traffic to the website was generated through a campaign on Facebook and Instagram. And before we knew it, registrations were pouring in.

Post launch, customers could place an order and pick it up at a participating liquor store near to them. The first 5,000 bottles were sold out in minutes. An amazing outcome!

Technical highlights


WordPress WooCommerce webshop.


Pre-sale sold out within 2 days.


Facebook/Instagram campaign hyper-targeted at the Friesland/Groningen region.

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Also want a high-converting webshop? We know you do.

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