“The Rolls Royce among compliance portals”

“The Rolls Royce among compliance portals”

Say hi to the world’s largest real estate consultancy firm: CBRE. Here, the compliance department collects and processes an infinite amount of customer data every day. How do you digitize this large, complex process so that a compliance check can be completed even faster?

Well, challenge accepted. In close collaboration with CBRE’s compliance department, we built a portal in a number of sprints by using APIs from

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We designed a dynamic customer form that adapts each time a customer fills in new information (built with Vue.js) Because of this, the data is collected in a simple way. The portal is built entirely with Laravel, and is also linked with the APIs of This makes it easy for CBRE employees to see all checks and track its status.

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This has simplified the portal and made the process transparent for all those involved. CBRE states that a task that used to take 20 minutes can now be done in 5 minutes. That’s why they proudly call it the Rolls Royce of compliance portals.

Case in detail


Well, they did call it the Rolls Royce among the compliance portals (what can we say?)


Collaboration with


Laravel framework.


Vue.js dynamic form.


We quartered the processing time from 20 to 5 minutes.

Also want to be able to brag about your compliance portal?

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