World's first system-of-record for household data.

World's first system-of-record for household data.

Nines came to us with a vision for a digital household management platform. After a remote design sprint we gained a thorough understanding the entire use case. It was especially important for us that we accurately mapped out the target group and the various users of the system. We created a prototype that slowly brought the platform to life.

Working closely with the development team at Nines, we built the platform step by step in sprints. We were responsible for the UX design and parts of the front-end. Due to the time difference with the Nines team working from New York, the UX team was able to regularly get a head start and correspond swiftly.

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"23G has the advantages of working with a forward-thinking European team while having an increasing foothold in the US market. Their capabilities, responsiveness, and overall support have helped us pull off a successful launch."

- Jacco de Bruijn, CEO of Nines

The Nines platform was initially set up as a minimum viable product. By deploying this to the target group, learnings could be picked up quickly and translated into new features and improvements in subsequent sprints.

The platform ensures that a household can be managed easily and extensively. Each household has its own rules of life, contacts, objects, tasks, staff, suppliers and traditions. These can be recorded in a simple way and presented comprehensively to the different users.

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Because a lot of information is stored in the system, which can quickly become chaotic for the household manager, the design focuses intently on tranquility and elegance. This is reflected in the various templates. In addition, great flexibility has been taken into account for the layout, ensuring there is room for all kinds of different households.

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Recently, Nines has been busy onboarding new users. The insights gained from these users have created new opportunities for further development of the platform to make it an even greater success.

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