Always first in line.

Always first in line.

Through his company Mondain24/7, where he arranged all kinds of different things for high-end clients, Tom Brokking came to us with the idea for Jumpthe-Q. He wanted to use his years of experience to develop an app that puts you in direct contact with your personal assistant.

There is a personal assistant available for you in every area. Through your assistant you can book your holiday, have a personal shopper, event planner and chauffeur. In addition, you can book your favorite restaurant for the night. Or maybe a trip to Ibiza with a private jet? Nothing is too out there.

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"I'm very happy with the result and the way of working with 23G. It's like building something with a group of friends."

- Tom Brokking

For the chats, we used Slack's API to handle bookings and connect the user with real agents, guaranteeing a smooth handling. In addition, we employed Stripe and Apple Pay to handle the subscription that the user takes out.

Since the launch, countless people have already managed to jump the queue and arrange exciting experiences in life through Jumpthe-Q's app.

"Take care and unburden, that's what the Jumpthe-Q app offers. Always exclusive benefits in culinary experience, travel, lifestyle, events, transport and wannahaves."

Technical highlights


Realtime connection with Slack's API for handling chats.


Integration with Stripe and Apple Pay for subscriptions.


React Native as a platform for iOS (and Android in the future).

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