An online coach to improve your lifestyle.

An online coach to improve your lifestyle.

Ferring is a biopharmaceutical organization engaged in the research, development, and innovation of medicines. One of Ferring's areas of expertise is providing support to women on their fertility journey. To assist them, Ferring has developed an online lifestyle coach called MyFertiCoach.

In 2020, Ferring enlisted the services of 23G to conduct a critical evaluation of the MyFertiCoach app.

MyFertiCoach is designed to help women who have an unfulfilled desire for children adopt a healthier lifestyle, thereby increasing their chances of getting pregnant. Over a period of six months, these women and their potential partners receive information and motivation through questionnaires and personalized advice from healthcare providers. The app facilitates daily interactions with an online coach to assist in this process.

23G undertook a comprehensive overhaul of MyFertiCoach, leveraging Laravel and Vue.js to significantly enhance the app's user-friendliness and manageability. To ensure seamless compatibility with both Android and iOS, React Native was employed.

Additionally, integration with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit allows health tracking on any device, regardless of the operating system.

Embark on a journey to a healthy life with MyFertiCoach!

Technical Highlights


The app is built with React Native.


Integration with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit.


API and dashboard built with Laravel and Vue.js.


Fully compliant with ISO 27001:2017 and NEN 7510-1:2017 certifications guidelines.

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