Digitizing the future of personalized medicine.

Digitizing the future of personalized medicine.

The listed company Fagron wants to improve the future of personalized medicine together with pharmacists, hospitals and the industry. Such a mission naturally requires a good digital strategy. In close collaboration with Fagron's marketing and design team, we ventured to build the global websites.

In several sprints we meticulously redesigned and developed the global, investors and webshop websites of Fagron.com. The websites are fully customizable through WordPress, allowing the content team to easily manage the website. For the website content, we worked closely together with Up Agency, who were able to make sure that all texts are SEO-proof and the websites can be easily found by search engines.

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Because the websites need to be efficiently accessible worldwide, they run in the cloud of AWS. By using different regions, the websites can be reached without delay anytime, anywhere.

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The case studies on the site tell the story of end user of the product: the patient. Pharmacists have their own environment where they can find all the relevant information about products and pharmaceutical recipes. Additionally, they can easily place orders via the webshop.

The close cooperation with Fagron has ensured that we will continue to work together in the future. Some Fagron team members even have a key to our office!

Technical features and highlights


Real-time link with the stock-price and investor information.


Wordpress SDK multisite.


Automatically generated SEO-proof landing pages.

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