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Walking with Rembrandt in Amsterdam.

Walking with Rembrandt in Amsterdam.

One day, advertising agency FCB Amsterdam approached us to ask if we could develop a virtual walking route that followed all the wonderful places in Amsterdam that Rembrandt himself used to walk past. Not only that, but they wanted it fit for modern times to appeal to the young people of Amsterdam. Certainly a challenge for our Rotterdam-based agency, but one we were up for.

So, how do you make such a virtual walking route a success?

FCB Amsterdam took the lead in the concept and development of the route. Here at 23G, we combined various techniques to bring the virtual walking route to life - literally.

With the high-quality etchings we had of Rembrandt and his family, we were able to create stunning animations. We synchronized the voice overs with these animations, making the etchings come to life. When walking along the route, you can easily discover where you are and if you're close to a place that was important to Rembrandt because either Rembrandt or someone close to him will begin to tell you an exciting story tied to the area.

Our virtual walking route combines learning about the beautiful city of Amsterdam and Rembrandt himself - all while getting your daily steps in.

The campaign also ran for a week as a Digital Out of Home campaign throughout Amsterdam. People could easily start the virtual walking route with the QR code.

We've shown that a Rotterdam-based digital agency can be more than successful in Amsterdam. We make things happen.

Technical features and highlights


Synchronized animations with voice over.


Use of the Google Maps API.


Location data for determining your location on the route.

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