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An award winning intranet for 15,000 employees.

An award winning intranet for 15,000 employees.

Erasmus MC is the largest university medical center in the Netherlands. Every day, more than 15,000 people work to provide the very best care, at every level imaginable. But how do we ensure that these people can also benefit and learn from each other as they go about their work?

In close collaboration with IT staff, project managers, and various user groups, we’ve developed Agora: an intelligent intranet for all Erasmus MC employees that encourages cooperation and collaboration. Agora is a platform where all employees can come together to exchange knowledge.

For Agora’s design we used our own WordPress SDK - a combination of Headless WordPress and Laravel. With this combination, we created an excellent backend UI-experience in terms of speed, scalability and security.

The Erasmus MC’s intranet turned out to be just as progressive as the medical center itself. Shortly after the launch the COVID-19 pandemic hit, an event in which Erasmus MC would play a vital role. Through Agora, all 15,000 employees were, and continue to be, constantly updated about the virus, measures, and possible solutions. In recognition of its importance and effectiveness, the intranet was awarded the prestigious "Best Intranet and Digital Workplace Award" at Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin in 2020.

Technical features and highlights


Best Intranet and Digital Workplace Award Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin.


Headless WordPress set-up.


Strict security requirements.


Cloud hosting at AWS.

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