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The challenge

Platform expansion

With its popular magazine, TV programme and website, vtwonen has been extremely successful over the years.

In recent years, and in close cooperation, we have carried out various and ongoing tasks for this inspiration platform. It began a few years ago with the creation of this inspiration platform and link to the webshop.

We have recently made a lot of additions and optimisations. The purpose of this is to better serve the target group and increase returns from site visits as much as possible.

Our strategy

Great teamwork

Together with vtwonen designers, we improved the website on a number of occasions based on weekly collaboration. We therefore worked together to improve usability, look & feel and strategy.

In this manner, the entire front-end of the webshop has been reconstructed. This makes shopping from your mobile or tablet even easier.

Furthermore, we have integrated multiple sites into the platform, which has now become a genuine multiplatform site. Vtwonen.be and the vtwonen & design fair website are all served from a single CMS.


One of the challenges facing us has been how to gather more information about site visitors. With the quiz tool, vtwonen editors can constantly create new quizzes. Questions are stimulating, inspiring and get you thinking. With each quiz, the visitor gets a personalised result, tips and inspiration to start making changes at home.

The information these visitors fill in is very valuable for vtwonen; they have more data and inspiration to create even better content. A total win-win situation!

vtwonen collectie

In the vtwonen collection you will find a range of different styles. Not only can you find inspiration here, but also those products that suit a specific style. In this way, we combine inspiration and (online) shopping in a way you will not see anywhere else.

For example, using the vtwonen hearts within a style image, place a product in your shopping basket with a single click. It gets even better; you can order the entire look in one touch of a button. Restyling your home has never been so easy!

The result

An inspirational shopping experience

We are consistently working to make the biggest online inspirational homeware store a little better. Cooperation with the vtwonen designers and editors is key. We love to work directly with the customer and, in doing so, achieve the best result.

Take a look yourself and be inspired:


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