An all-in-one booking platform for travellers, by travellers.


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Booking platform



The challenge

Booking a holiday should be a superior experience, simple and save money

Booking a trip can be a major challenge for many people. You compare flight prices, read the reviews of various hotels and, once arrived, start looking for entertaining activities. The TRVL start-up asked us to make this range of challenges simpler, better and more personal.

Our strategy

Connecting diverse APIs

By linking Booking.com, Expedia, Skyscanner, Viator, Cartrawler and many more APIs with each other, we created a ‘peer-to-peer travel booking platform’. Using this platform, anyone can put together a trip or holiday for friends or family from a single location. Or maybe a holiday just for you!

The platform uses a customised CMS with which TRVL can, for example, select hotels and/or activities as favourites.

Anyone can be a TRVL-agent

Anyone can register as TRVL agent and share tips about a specific destination, the best hotels and top excursions. You set up a trip in the itinerary section and share it with friends, acquaintances or clients.

If the trip is booked, you - as agent - will receive a commission for the entire trip. As a TRVL-agent, you can quickly start to earn a worthwhile salary, and at the same time give your ‘clients’ a holiday they will never forget!

Real-time connection

To connect agent and traveller as smoothly as possible, we use so-called ‘sockets’ to support the real-time connection.

This means any changes made by the agent or traveller is immediately available. Meaning the client can experience his or her trip in real time.

The result

An all-in-one booking platform for travellers, by travellers.

This is a continuous project where we are perfecting the smallest details and adding even more API’s.

You can sign up on TRVL.com. You might have heard of TRVL when reading TechCrunch or The Next Web? Cool, right?!


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