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The challenge

Rejuvenating the LINDAnieuws platform

Approximately three years ago, we built the LINDAnieuws.nl site and its accompanying apps. This platform has now become a great success. LINDAnieuws’ editor requested our services once again when it became time to freshen up the look of both website and apps.

Our strategy

Make new requests functional

In collaboration with Studio Room, we developed a completely new user experience. Of course, such redesign goes hand in hand with new preferences regarding website and app function. To get a complete view, we created an initial interactive design. Based on this, Studio Room could create the visual design.

Technically, the basic site was retained, but we optimised the WordPress background. The way in which ads are loaded has been completely overhauled.

Furthermore, the apps are now native and have been made much more user-friendly.

An unbelievable number of visitors!

Every day, LINDA news has about 600,000 visitors. These come via a range of channels, but especially via Facebook. When sending a push-notification or the morning news letter, we always see a huge peak in the visitor numbers.

In order to cope with this huge amount of traffic, we have given a lot of attention to the development of serving content to site and apps. Through complicated caching technologies, we make sure that the site is always accessible to everyone!

App for LINDAnieuws

We built a native app for LINDA. In addition to user-friendliness, both navigating method and app speed were considered important priorities.

Watch LINDA.tv's videos and read your personalised messages using the app. LINDA.nieuws is now even more addictive!

The result

Simple, neat, fast and user-friendly.

The result is a completely new experience on both web and mobile. Simpler, cleaner, super fast and user-friendly. With such great editing you need to let the content speak. By using larger photos, LINDA.tv integration and a native iOS app, we have produced a spectacular result.


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